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Many years ago some misinformation was circulated, primarily from a competing company, which warned customers and retailers not to buy animal oil products because they would deteriorate the leather and leather stitching. This myth, which of course is not true, still comes up occasionally on the radar today on web site searches.

Mink oil is safe
Quality mink oil is perfectly safe for leather conditioning and has been used over centuries for this purpose. Our products utilize only the highest quality mink oil and raw natural ingredients that are costly to acquire. Additionally, our products combine pure mink oil with amber pine pitch, which is nature's most powerful natural preservative. This results in a premium quality leather care product with no foreseeable shelf life due to the preserving power of pine pitch. Our product will even outlast other high quality plain mink oils on the market.

Also, just to help illustrate, we certainly wouldn't still be in business for nearly 30 years if mink oil was not a safe choice for leather. Nor would we enjoy so many years of recommendations by leather professionals who use our products in their businesses as they create and craft high-end leather saddles, boots, shoes, and many other varied leather goods.

Our response to misinformation:
We do not use misinformation tactics against competing products or companies. The world is full of businesses and products that are suited to customers for many different reasons. There is room for us all and we are happy to have the privilege of making and selling a genuinely good product throughout the world. Our customers respond positively all the time and share with us their loyalty to our products from their very first purchase on. Because of this, much of our business is generated by word-of-mouth recommendations (see our Praise page). We hope you'll give Montana Pitch-Blend a try for yourself. Visit our Shop Online page and see what items we have to offer for the premium care of your valuable leather goods.

Animal Fat Warnings

We have heard a few stories over the years about folks who created animal fats for themselves to use on their boots which went rancid and harmed their leather. Given this scenario leather pros have told us that bacterial growth in any leather would be detrimental, but the result was entirely avoidable with normal use of real leather oil. It is flabbergasting to us that anyone would want to try to use raw and unprocessed animal fat on their boots in order to save themselves a small investment of around $10 to avoid buying a quality, professionally processed leather oil.

Genuine leather oil made from animal fat is the result of a laborious process of fully rendering specific fats into a final finished liquid oil. Improperly processed fats would not be recommended by any reputable company, so the warning here is to use common sense… don't try to 'do it yourself.'

We believe these types of 'do it yourself' stories over the years may have led to misinformation about the use of animal oils, but raw animal fat is not the oil that we or other companies utilize in professionally made products. No one can come remotely close to any kind of real conditioning oil if attempted in the above manner.

Thankfully most consumers are discerning and search for more information to learn more. We hope this page helps to address any questions for consumers seeking clarification on this topic.

Please feel free to contact us with any further inquiries.

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