Leather Oil & Conditioner

Pine pitch blended with pure Mink oil

$12.99 for 8oz

Leather Dressing

Pine pitch blended with pure Mink oil plus natural Beeswax

$10.99 for 4oz

Leather Oil Soap

Pine pitch blended with pure Mink & rich Vegetal oils, handmade into a true liquid soap

$12.99 for 8oz

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How does each product work?

Our LEATHER OIL is an exquisite conditioning oil for maintaining suppleness of leather while preserving the skin and providing water-resistance.

We blend together rich pure mink oil with amber pine pitch sap to create a golden amber oil ideal for leather care.

  • Conditioning preservative that naturally resists water
  • Replenishes natural oils & helps renew and beautify leather
  • Excellent for maintaining new leather & restoring neglected or antique leather goods

Our LEATHER DRESSING is an especially protective conditioning balm with the very highest water-repellency for the most demanding climates.

Made from our Leather Oil conditioner / preservative and blended together with just the right amount of natural Beeswax to create a soft wax balm.

  • Absorbs quickly and leaves no residue or buildup in tooled or carved leather
  • Highest protection for wet climates & extreme conditions

Our LEATHER OIL SOAP is a true soap (not a detergent) for effective yet gentle cleaning and preparation of soiled leather before conditioning

We use our exquisite Leather Oil and blend it together with a rich vegetal oil base giving multiple sources of oil and fat to the soap essential to the leather.

  • Gently infuses oils back into leather while cleaning
  • Protects leather from premature loss of luster as a result of cleaning
  • Recommended for preparing soiled leather prior to conditioning

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How to Apply

Each product has application instructions right on the package, but here are brief application instructions.

How to apply

Instructions for both
Leather Oil & Conditioner (liquid)
Leather Dressing (soft wax)

Start with a clean, dry leather surface at room temperature for proper absorption.

  1. Add a small amount of Leather Oil or Dressing into the palm of your hand then massage directly into leather.
  2. Apply a thin, even coat (no need to over-apply)
  3. If needed, finish by buffing briskly with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth to help even out your application, pickup any excess product, and develop a rich glow to the leather.

Instructions for
Leather Oil Soap (liquid)

Brush or wipe off any noticeable dirt or debris from the leather. Prepare a small bowl of warm water and rinse an applicator (a clean soft sponge, cloth, or soft horsehair brush) in the water to moisten. Squeeze or shake off most of the water, then:

  1. Drizzle a small amount of Leather Oil Soap onto the wet applicator.
  2. Swirl applicator with Soap directly onto the leather to suds up as you work gently into skin.
  3. Rinse applicator, squeeze or shake off excess water, and go back to leather to rinse and dilute remaining soapy water.
  4. With a clean, lint-free cloth, wipe leather and wick up any excess liquid.
  5. Let dry, then finish with application of Leather Oil or Leather Dressing (above) to recondition, provide water-repellency, and protect the skin.