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The Montana Pitch-Blend philosophy of leather care begins and ends with quality ALL-NATURAL ingredients that benefit and protect the leather. We've been handcrafting our uniquely all-natural leather care products the same way since 1985. And although there are many products on the market when it comes to leather protectants and waterproofers, very few actually benefit the leather or perform well in wet weather. The reason for this is simply a matter of ingredient quality. The higher the quality, the better the benefit and performance.

Montana Pitch-Blend is a premium line of leather care because we utilize the highest quality all-natural ingredients. Our products are never diluted or cheapened by artificial ingredients or additives.

Saddle and Montana Pitch Products

So, what's IN our products?

Believe it or not, only two or three natural ingredients go into our product blends:

What do we leave OUT?

We leave out anything that is not beneficial to the leather:

Simply put: Natural ingredients offer the best benefits for preserving, conditioning, and protecting leather… That's all there is to it. Our natural ingredients work together in harmony for the beneficial care of your valued leather goods. Scroll below to learn about each of our natural ingredients and their special benefits to your leather goods.

Our Natural Ingredients How they work for your leather goods.

Amber Pine Pitch

Amber Pine Pitch

Pine Pitch is the key ingredient that makes our leather care products perform so well. Pine Pitch is the golden amber exuded by pine trees when healing the trunk of wounds usually caused by insects. This natural substance is incredibly water-repellent, antibacterial, and a strong preservative. Utilized by ancient and native peoples in treating topical skin wounds, sealing canoes and boats, and in the preparation of natural soaps and ointments, Montana Pitch-Blend benefits by blending it together with pure mink oil to create exquisite premium leather care products. Using pine pitch in leather care products offers unique benefits to help preserve and protect the skin while repelling water effectively and adding staying power.

  • Leather stays conditioned and supple longer because pine pitch causes the oil to stay in the skin and fibers resulting in optimal performance with less reapplication of product.
  • Leather's resistance to water is greatly enhanced and doesn't fail in extreme climates and conditions because of pine pitch's strong naturally water-repellant properties. Leather is shielded from environmental conditions (grease, fuel, chemicals, etc) because of the superior staying power of pine pitch.
  • Leather resists sagging and stretching because pine pitch oil has subtle adhesive qualities not found in plain oil on its own.
  • Leather is protected from premature decay due to the naturally antiseptic qualities of pine pitch that inhibit growths of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus which will deteriorate leather.
  • Leather doesn't smell artificial or unpleasant because the scent of pine pitch is a natural and mild pine tree aroma which dissipates after application leaving the earthy smell of natural leather behind.

Pure Mink Oil

Pure Mink Oil

Mink Oil is an exquisite conditioning oil with no equal. It is a super-emollient and the most luxurious choice for leather care. Mink oil has been used as a leather conditioner for centuries - it's nothing new, but it is costly and rare. What makes our use of Mink Oil unique is that we blend it with our Pine Pitch preservative and it becomes a new power-oil for leather care. Mink Oil restores and maintains leather’s suppleness by replenishing oils lost over time or from exposure. Mink Oil is completely safe for all rugged leather and stitching and provides natural water-resistance and SPF benefits. And only pure Mink Oil is used in our products - we never dilute or use cheaper oils. Be wary of products that don't say they use only 100% mink oil - many products on the market use only a very small portion of pure mink oil because of it's cost.

Natural Beeswax

Natural Beeswax

Natural Beeswax is the pinnacle of natural waxes. It is naturally antibacterial, virtually impervious to water, and offers an additional layer of protection to our "Pitch-Blend" formula.When blended into our unique pine pitch Leather Oil, the result is our "Leather Dressing" which is a soft wax that offers the highest water-repellency money can buy. Our Leather Dressing outperforms so-called "waterproofers" on the market that often don’t live up to their claims - it holds up even in the most extreme climates and conditions because all three ingredients in our Dressing work together to repel water.

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Condition • Protect • Preserve
All at once.

With Montana Pitch-Blend Products you get 3-in-1 treatments for your leather, all in one step:

  1. CONDITION: to condition leather is restore its suppleness and flexibility which keeps it in top performing condition - this involves the restoring of natural oils that are lost as leather dries out over time.
  2. PROTECT: to protect leather is to provide a protective ingredient that is a barrier between the environment and the skin - the more effective this barrier, the long the leather will stay dry.
  3. PRESERVE: to preserve leather is to enhance its own natural long-life, to keep leather functional and useful for as long as possible - on its own leather has wonderful endurance, but when a quality preservative is worked into the skin you will extend the life of your leather for years to come.

And because of our high quality and long-lasting benefits, a little product goes a long way on your leather goods; you won't have to constantly reapply to keep up the performance of the product.

Our products are also safe, leather-friendly, and pleasant to work with having a pleasant natural scent of pine trees and honey in our Leather Dressing.

The bottom line… Montana Pitch-Blend will benefit and beautify your valued leather for years to come!

If you have any questions please contact us and we'll be happy to reply within 24 hours. Or check out our FAQ page for help online. Or you can call us at (800) 728-0970 - we value your business and try to provide personal customer support.

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