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My Story…

I love Montana Pitch-Blend. I use it on my boots & gloves… it has successfully kept me dry during some very treacherous weather.

Laramie, WY

We found your product at a leather / saddle shop about a year ago and decided to give it a try. I can't begin to tell you how great this stuff is!!

Lincoln, NE

I wouldn't use anything now but Montana Pitch-Blend. I use it on my Danner boots, rifle slings, ammo carriers, shoes and other boots.

Ridgeland, MS

Because your products are all-natural and not loaded with silicone, etc, I've found that your polish sets in quickly and deeply into shoes.

Boston, MA

I have been using Montana Pitch-Blend Leather Oil for some time now. It is excellent on leather but I also use it to recondition old dry wood such as wooden knife handles and gun stocks. It really dresses up old furniture like no other oil. I found an old duck call that was lost in a marsh for 20 years - I added the oil to it and it looks like new!

Hope, ID

I put Montana Pitch-Blend through some rigorous tests and it's the best.

Laurel, MT
Survival Consultant

Your products became my absolute favorites for leather care after hearing about them from a leather crafter in Idaho. Personally, I feel absolutely convinced on the quality of your traditional products. Even more because they apparently are free of chemical ingredients. The smell of the Leather Dressing is great and just right for a traditional woodman's nose as mine.


Great product. I have used it many times. Gave two containers to friends, now they understand why I use your product.

M.M., Oak Hill, VA

I have never had a problem with water or wet feet while section-hiking the Appalachian or other trails. I would warm myself by the fire but had no need to dry my leather Vasque boots as I had treated them with Montana Pitch-Blend and they were effectively water proof.

C.P., Jackson, MS

I was tempted to throw away a Headstall that I paid good money for; it had molded so bad I thought nothing would save it. After using your soap, conditioner, and sealer (dressing) on my 2 saddles I tried it on the Headstall. WOW, your product saved it!! And it looks and feels great! I love your product and I have told several horse and motorcycle people about you. Thanks so much!!

Cindi W.,
Clarksville, IA

I spent the last hours of sunlight on a warm Spring day outside with the MPB Soap. That crusty old jacket I told you about was revitalized with MPB Products. It's even better now that I can add the Oil liberally. The jacket really does just 'drink' it up and it is more supple as a result. My Dad's eyes lit up when he saw it renewed to its former glory. So again, thanks to MPB, not just for making that old jacket 'new' again, but for giving a frail old fella a bit of hope that with the right 'care' we can all be renewed.

Steve P.,
Victoria, Australia

I needed to thank you guys for making such a wonderful product. I liked to ruin my bike jacket using someone else's 'absolutely the best 'junk'! Then I searched and researched until I found you. The Oil not only saved my jacket but made it softer and better than new. It is a beauty again. I have three bomber-jackets to do as well, in different styles, and whole bunch of boots that I bought the paste (Dressing) for.

David B.,
LaGrange, GA

Sometimes it's so easy to forget how nice it is to deal with a real human instead of a computer, and then you have a pleasant encounter that reminds you. I just wanted to say Thank You for your assistance. I received my order today and look forward to using it on all my leathers for my motorcycle.

Geoff E.,
Grove City, OH

I just wanted to let you know that I used your Oil as the last treatment to my antique holsters, gun belt, and knife sheath, and they came out great - even better than I had thought they would. They look like they're right out of the 1800's - old but well taken care of. So I'll tell you now I will be calling you back for more of this great stuff. This makes my leather work even more enjoyable.

Rod K.,
Northridge, CA

Your product accompanied me through both bear and deer season here in Western Washington. As you advertised, no product is guaranteed to make leather 100% waterproof, however, your Leather Dressing not only made my leather boots much more water-resistant, but after one time when they did get wet in a downpour, they returned to their softness and flexibility, which says a lot for Army combat boots. Another application got them ready for my next foray into the woods. A few short weeks ago I wore my Cabella rubber / leather boots that I had broken in and applied your Dressing to twice. After walking several miles to break them in, I applied a second coat of Dressing so that when I took my boots with me to the Olympic peninsula I was ready to hunt in a good pair of broken-in, water-resistant, and natural-smelling boots. Being a former infantryman, I know nothing is more miserable than wet, sore feet. Thank you for helping me prevent that.

Bruce D.,
Stanwood, WA

Thank you so much for all your help. I wish all companies were as easy and pleasant to work with as you are.

I appreciate being treated as a priority - this is not how it usually works when you are a small business. I am really pleased with your products. I used all three on an Indian western saddle that was like cardboard. I will reapply another application in a few more weeks and it will be as supple as my locally-made saddles. It is really soft and it is at least three times more supple now than it was.

Leesa B.,
Victoria, Australia

I first found out about your products from an archery show a long time ago. I recently inherited some nice old motorcycle leathers from an old school outlaw biker friend who is getting on in years. The Pitch-Blend was perfect for restoring that great old jacket he gave me to a wonderful feel and softness. Wearing it brought back tons of great memories. Thought you would want to know. I also recently reupholstered the seat of a 1993 Harley FXR that came from that same friend and this Leather Dressing is for conditioning that. - Pitch-Blend Customer For Life.

Don L.,
Kansas City, MO

I use your Leather Dressing on a canvas-leather cowboy hat that is very dear to me. I have worn it in every climate except a jungle (though I do live in the Northwest) - from brutal moist, to dry heat, to snow and freezing cold, to sopping rain. I've scratched it, soiled it, reshaped it, crushed it, near-burnt it, and used it as a helmet and a water bucket. I've even loaned it - gasp! I've been very mean to the hat but it is in fantastic condition after years of wearing it every day. Applying your Conditioner to it every 6 months or so is my special treat to this friend on my head. But I've also used your stuff on saddles, watch bands, belts, billows, knife sheaths, military boots, and even sword grips. It works great! p.s. I got a pretty good shine on the saddle too. And if you need permission or such to post this to your testimonials, it'd be my honor.

Andrew E.,
in the Northwest US

I used the Conditioner on my distressed leather couch that had been in the sun in my living room for about four or five years. It had lightened, but the conditioner gave the brown leather color back and it looks like new. Great stuff!

Kevin K.,
Jersey City, NJ

I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how happy we are with the results we got with the Leather Oil. Our sofa looks brand new! We could not believe how dry it had gotten and the Oil brought it back to life. It looks better than the day we bought it. We love your product and will recommend it to all of our friends. Thank you again.

Beth S.,
Crystal Lake, IL